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“Upwards to Higher Things” motif at Kunstverein Stuttgart International

01.05.2022 – “Upwards to Higher Things” (“Aufwärts zu Höherem”) is one of Andreas Bromba’s most successful motifs of the last two years: it has been exhibited several times and some prints are in private ownership. Many viewers describe this photograph as particularly “dynamic, inspiring and impressive.”

Since yesterday, this photograph is part of the exhibition ART in Transition of the Kunstverein [KUN:ST] Stuttgart International.

Andreas Bromba: Aufwärts zu Höherem, Fotografie 2020, Schlosspark Glienicke, Berlin
Andreas Bromba: Aufwärts zu Höherem, photography 2020, Schlosspark Glienicke, Berlin

The motif “Upwards to Higher Things” from 2020 shows a sculpture in front of a building in the palace park of Glienicke Palace in Berlin and is part of the concept series BERLIN ROYAL. This concept series shows the royal Prussian and imperial Berlin in a new perspective – without nostalgia and transfiguration, but also without demonisation and ignorance.

Duration of exhibition: 21.04.2022 – 05.06.2022 Location: KUN:ST Quartier, Leonberg. More information: https://kun-st-international.de/art-in-transition-2/

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