berlin minimal

Familiar Berlin buildings are distilled to pared-down motifs, or just a detail is cited. In combination with the unique colouring of Pola Graph film (its tone scale ranges from white and beige to dark brown, generally warm tones), the result is a distinctive aesthetic with a unique visual message. Pola Graph was a special 35mm film from Polaroid. The minimalist approach to photography is apolitical and detached. It leaves the viewer room for their own thoughts and imagination. To the many books of pictures, narratives and impressions of the city, berlin minimal adds another perspective. This perspective is neither touristic, political nor amenable to ideological appropriation, and it deliberately ignores criteria like “beautiful” and “ugly”. berlin minimal unites the various districts of Berlin and overcomes differences. East or West, “poorer” or “richer” residential areas, well-known, little known or undiscovered buildings, times and eras – all these things that divide are nullified and rendered irrelevant. Minimalism is an attitude of liberty and freedom! And this perspective is also an invitation: Sharpen your own senses and rediscover the familiar! berlin minimal was first presented to the public in a large-scale exhibition in Berlin in 2004.

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