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Alle Motive auf Hahnemühle-FineArt-Papier

16.04.2020 – Auf der Kunstmesse ART MUC im Oktober 2019 wurde mir häufig die Frage nach sammlerkonformen, lichtbeständigen und hochwertigen Fotodrucken gestellt. Nach einer Testphase mehrerer Papiere habe ich mich für das PhotoRag FineArt-Papier von Hahnemühle entschieden – es sieht wirklich klasse aus und macht im Passepartout im Glasrahmen was her! Ab sofort ist jedes meiner Motive in dieser Form erhältlich, die Größen sollten ab 27 x 37 cm sein – nach oben (fast) offen.

Mexiko-Stadt: Im Busbahnhof

Mexico: Street and documentary photography

19.12.02 – New street and documentary photography from Mexico: A country full of motives and nice people (and policemen who like to supplement their salary by paying for inexplicable “traffic offences”). Mexico City, Teotihuacan and the Yucatan Peninsula with Chichen Itza: Between picture book and slum – sometimes there is only a street corner in between. Find the Mexico-Gallery here.

BERLIN ROYAL – the new photo series

02.07.18 – BERLIN ROYAL – this is the new photo series after and alongside the successful photo concepts berlin minimal, “Mystical Series”, “Other Worlds” and “City from Below”. The first motives of BERLIN ROYAL were created in August 2018. The series will be continued, the goal is an illustrated book and exhibitions. The first motifs were exhibited at the Neue Art Dresden in January 2019. The concept is to show the royal-Prussian and imperial Berlin – without nostalgia and ignorance. The achievements of the architects and master builders, the designers, sculptors and craftsmen are to be honoured. And of course, the viewers of the photographs should be encouraged to see the kings and queens, emperors and generals of the time with a new perspective, because they tried to do their best for the people entrusted to them, for science and the arts, according to the standards of the time in often difficult times. There are about 40 motifs so far.

Mystische Serie: Fuji-san, von Zushi aus gesehen

Art book “Aufbruch – Kunst + Spiritualität” with photos by A. Bromba

12.08.19 – After two and a half years of creation and conception, the production phase of the art book “Aufbruch – Kunst + Spirituaität” has begun: In this high-quality book, three artists present their work, which deals with the nowadays rather rare and often smiled at combination of “Art and Spirituality” or “Art and the Spiritual”. In addition, scientific and art historical texts enter into a constructive dialogue – all in all a self-contained concept, initiated and published as a book by the Golden Rosicrucian, Bad Münder. The photographer Andreas Bromba shows a selection of his longstanding and so far most successful photo series “Mysticism” – his own classics, but also new motifs. The book is published by Athena-Verlag, Oberhausen and is available in bookshops. It is expected to appear in November 2019 and costs 24 €.

Andreas Bromba Messestand: Neue Art Dresden

Participation at the NEUE ArT Dresden from 4 to 6 January 2019

24.12.18 – Andreas Bromba shows on a 16m² booth at the art fair NEUE ArT Dresden new works of the successful photo concept “Mystical Series” as well as for the first time selected works from Japan. Furthermore, some motifs of the new photo concept series BERLIN ROYAL will be exhibited. The fair starts on January 4 and ends on January 6. Andreas Bromba’s stand is located in Hall 2 South.

Kunstverein [KUN:ST] Stuttgart International accepts Andreas Bromba

15.04.19 – The Kunstverein [KUN:ST] Kunst Stuttgart International has accepted Andreas Bromba as a new member in the series of existing artists. [KUN:ST] is a lively art association, which unites a lot of competence, contacts and art enthusiasts, especially in southern Germany, but also abroad up to New York. Membership offers many opportunities, such as solo and group exhibitions, participation in art fairs and contacts to art lovers and collectors.