About me

Andreas Bromba

enjoys working serially as an artist – both as a photographer and as an installation artist. His studio is located in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

Andreas started taking photographs at the age of 16. This was followed by an apprenticeship in fashion graphics and basic studies in photography. In the course of time Andreas has developed this form of expression more and more: Documentary and street photography with a “certain look”, sophisticated portraits as well as concept series form his extensive photographic work.

With his own signature in photography (including berlin minimal) Andreas has gained a large circle of interested parties and collectors over the years. His photographs have been successfully shown in various solo and group exhibitions as well as art fairs.

With his work Andreas Bromba depicts the inscrutability of life. This is done through a certain atmosphere in the photo reportages, but also with a “wink” in the staged photography of the concept series Andere Welten/TERRRA Total.

The Mystical Series sets different accents: Here, the viewer is seized by a silent force – in an “unbelievable, almost religious blue, reminiscent of the famous painting series by Yves Klein” (Berliner Zeitung//newspaper).

The photographic works of Andreas Bromba stand for sophisticated photography that is not adapted to any fashion – modern, expressive, and yet somehow classic.

Solo Exhibitions

2018| “DEUTSCHE  INDUSTRIE -ROMANTIK”; Morgenstern-Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2015| “Stadt von unten [“City from below”]”; Galerie Einstellungsraum / Triennial of Photography, Hamburg, Germany

2012| berlin minimal”; Neujahrsempfang der Preußischen Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany

2012| “Mystische Serie [“Mystical Series”]; Morgenstern-Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2007| “Die Stadt K. – Königsberg/Kaliningrad“, Kunststiftung Poll, Berlin, Germany

2005| “Mystische Serie [“Mystical Series”]; German-Russian House, Kaliningrad/Königsberg, Russia

2004| berlin minimal; Brand and Communication Center of Adam Opel AG, Berlin, Germany

2003| “From Königsberg to Kaliningrad”, German-Russian House, Kaliningrad/Königsberg, Russia

2000| Andere Welten” + DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIE -ROMANTIK; Galerie Art Concept, Berlin, Germany

2000| berlin minimal + INDUSTRIE -ROMANTIK; Galerie Forum Amalienpark, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions

2019| “Andere Welten_TERRRA_Total“: Exhibition “David and Goliath” with Kunstverein Stuttgart International, ArtExpo art fair, New York, USA

2019| ART MUC art fair, München, Germany

2019| NEUE ArT art fair , Dresden, Germany

2016/17| “Aufbruch [“Departure”]”, Internationale Schule des Goldenen Rosenkreuzes, Bad Münder, Germany

2014| “Blaue Strömung [“Blue Stream”]”, Neuer Sächsischer Kunstverein, Dresden, Germany

2013| “quadriART”, EAGL Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2008| “Positions of contemporary art”; Galerie Kunststiftung Poll, Berlin, Germany

2004| moq – ART NOW GALLERY, Berlin [Installations/DEUTSCHE  INDUSTRIE -ROMANTIK]

2004| European Architectural Photography Prize; Goethe-Institut, Budapest, Hungary

2002| European Architectural Photography Prize; Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany

2002| European Architectural Photography Prize“;  vhs-photogalerie, Stuttgart, Germany

2001| Andere Welten/TERRRA TOTAL”; Loft36, Berlin, Germany

2001| European Architectural Photography Prize“; Architectural Centre, Kulturbahnhof, Kassel, Germany


2019| “Departure: Art + Spirituality”, Athena-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7455-1075-1

2016| “TANGERINE DREAM: FORCE MAJEURE – 1967 – 2014, written and compiled by EDGAR FROESE”; ISBN 978-3-00-056524-3 

2015| “Wo Lärm auf der Gassen ist, da gehe fürbaß.”, 13 positions of artists, Galerie Einstellungsraum, Hamburg; ISBN 978-3-938218-82-2

2015| “Über die Verhältnisse”, Hamburger Architektur-Sommer 2015

2014| “Blaue Strömung [“Blue Stream”]”, Neuer Sächsischer Kunstverein e.V., Dresden; ISBN 978-3-941209-33-6

2007| “Die Stadt K. – eine Stadt erwacht [“The city K. – a city awakens”]”, exhibition catalogue, Art Foundation Poll, Berlin

2005| berlin minimal, exhibition catalogue and PR campaign, Adam Opel AG

2001| “Visions in architecture, European Architectural Photography Prize” , db architekturbild; ISBN 3-421-03370-6


2009| Founding of Morgenstern-Stiftung für Künstler in Not (“Morgenstern Foundation for artists in need”), Berlin

2004| PR campaign for Adam Opel AG for the launch of the Opel Tigra with berlin minimal, Berlin, Germany

2001| European Architectural Photography Prize

2000| Project support by Prof. Würth, Museum Würth, Künzelsau, Germany

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