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münchen minimal – it goes on

münchen (munich) minimal – the successful berlin minimal series now finds its long-planned continuation: Andreas Bromba has been photographing the Bavarian capital since September 2020. The goal is again: to see the familiar in a new way, to discover one’s own city as well as to overcome contrasts through the minimalist visual language – and of course the joy of art.

berlin minimal was photographed with the sensational PolaGraph 35mm film – in other words, analogue. Unfortunately, Polaroid has taken this film, which is very popular with photographers, off the market. Andreas Bromba has therefore modernised its pictorial language and created his own – now digital – template that comes close to the original. In doing so, he deliberately refrained from imitating the coarse-grained and sometimes unpredictable PolaGraph film.

In the foreword to the berlin minimal exhibition book, the then Berlin Senator for Culture, Prof. Christoph Stölzl, wrote: “I am certain that these pictures can give their viewers the most beautiful pleasure that art has in store for us: Surprise, amazement, recognition and smiles.”

In this sense: Here’s to a new one!

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