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Mystisches Maya-Land: Foto-Serie von Andreas Bromba

Andreas Bromba: New at SINGULART

01.05.2024 – The world’s leading online gallery SINGULART from Paris has evaluated the quality of Andreas Bromba’s photographic work and artistic success and has come to a positive conclusion: Andreas Bromba is accepted and will now be represented worldwide. At the beginning of May, selected photographs from the series Mystic Maya Land and Mystic Series will be put up for sale. After that, further motifs and series will be added step by step. Here is the direct link:

hamburg minimal: Der Hansaplatz in St. Georg

Premiere in Berlin: münchen minimal and hamburg minimal in the Pixel Grain showroom

2024.06.09. – On Thursday, June 13, I will open my exhibition in the showroom of Labor PixelGrain, Berlin. It is a premiere, because for the first time I will be showing the minimalist city views hamburg minimal and münchen minimal in an exciting juxtaposition to berlin minimal, the original project that was very successful at the time. Entitled Vom Kleinen im Großen – Minimalismus in der Fotografie (From the small to the large – minimalism in photography), the photo project shows change on three different levels – it documents the transformation in the cities and encourages viewers to rediscover the familiar. The minimalist series bring about a different, new view of one’s own city: they encourage generosity, tolerance and activity (wandering and exploring). People are now themselves in a state of flux! And the creation of the series is also in a process: from analog to digital – without being complacent or losing the soul of the series. The change also takes place from series to series, sometimes even within the series themselves.With Vom Kleinen …

Andreas Bromba auf der Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg | 10. – 13. Nov. 2022

07.11.2022 – „Mystisches Maya-Land“ ist eine der neuen Foto-Serien von Andreas Bromba und präsentiert diese Serie auf der Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg. Es handelt sich um atmosphärische Fotografien aus Mexiko, überwiegend aus Chichen-Itzá, die mit Respekt die alten Plätze der Mayas zeigt – so, als würden sie jeden Moment wiederkommen (sie sind ja auch nicht wirklich weg). Der türkis-grünliche, manchmal bläuliche Farbton greift eine der vorherrschenden Farbkombinationen der Mayas auf und ist das einigende Band der verschiedenen Motive. Einige dieser Fotografien „Mystisches Maya-Land“ werden erstmalig ausgestellt, und zwar auf der Affordable Art Fair ( in Hamburg am Stand der VisuleX Gallery for Photography – zusammen mit einigen Klassikern der Blauen oder Mystischen Serie. Andreas Bromba wird selber am Vernissage-Abend, 10. November, und am Samstag, den 12. November, ab  18:00 Uhr bzw. ab 15:00 Uhr anwesend sein. VisuleX Gallery for Photography Halle A3, Stand D3 Donnerstag, 10. November, 12 – 22 Uhr Freitag, 11. November, 12 – 20 Uhr Samstag, 12. November, 11 – 20 Uhr Sonntag, 13. November, 11 – 18 Uhr Weitere Informationen: …

Olympia-Park: Glasdach, Foto: Andreas Bromba

Minimalism continues: münchen minimal is here!

01.10.2020 –The successful berlin minimal series is finally being continued: Andreas Bromba has been photographing the Bavarian capital Munich since September 2020. Seeing the familiar in a new way, discovering one’s own city as well as overcoming contrasts through minimalist imagery and, of course, the joy of art – that is minimalism! Andreas Bromba has photographed many striking motifs so far: The gallery will go online soon.

berlin minimal

“I am sure that these paintings can give their viewers the most beautiful pleasure that art has to offer us: Surprise, amazement, recognition and smiles!” [Prof. Dr. Christoph Stölzl, then Vice-President of the Berlin House of Representatives] “The photo series berlin minimal succeeds in a fascinating way in taking a completely new look at the capital. I cordially invite you to get involved in the artistic adventure berlin minimal. I am sure you will discover completely new sides of the city of Berlin and see familiar things with different eyes. [Hans Demant, then CEO of Adam Opel AG] Familiar Berlin buildings are distilled to pared-down motifs, or just a detail is cited. In combination with the unique colouring of Pola Graph film (its tone scale ranges from white and beige to dark brown, generally warm tones), the result is a distinctive aesthetic with a unique visual message. Pola Graph was a special 35mm film from Polaroid. The minimalist approach to photography is apolitical and detached. It leaves the viewer room for their own thoughts and imagination. To …

Collaboration with Chemnitz fine art auction house e-artis

Berlin, 15 January 2018 – Andreas Bromba has been invited to participate in auctions by the Chemnitz fine art auction house e-artis. The first three photographs submitted were sold straight away between December 2017 and January 2018: two works from the successful Mystical Series and one from the photo concept berlin minimal (“Viktorias Flügel/Victoria’s Wings”). The works were offered as Alu-Dibond prints and signed by the artist (edition of 20).  Further information is available at This productive collaboration will be continued!

Photo exhibition at the “Hamburger Architektur-Sommer”

19 April 2015 – The upcoming exhibition “The city from below” with photographs by Andreas Bromba from the series “The city from below” at Einstellungsraum e.V. in Hamburg-Wandsbek, a gallery that is particularly popular with young and innovative artists, has been included in the “Hamburger Architektur-Sommer” programme. Many thanks to gallery owner Elke Suhr for her patience and perseverance!   The biennial “Hamburger Architektur-Sommer” has developed into a major event with exhibitions, colloquia and discussions across the city attracting a growing number of visitors. This is architecture at its most vibrant.   The exhibition opens on Thursday, 16 June 2015 at 6 pm at the gallery Einstellungsraum e.V., Wandsbeker Chaussee 11. The photographer Andreas Bromba is present.

The city from below

Places that are unexpected, beautiful, devoid of beauty. As if someone had suddenly turned off the sound or muted their mobile. We expect noise – we’re in the middle of the city after all. But the setting doesn’t need any sound. It has its own frequency. This is the “city from below”: photographs revealing the other sides of a city, beyond the crowds of tourists and coffee-table-book aesthetic – the “special flavour” that every city has.