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Exhibition “The city from below” at the gallery Einstellungsraum/Hamburg

20 June 2015 – The opening address “Cacophony of a Metropolis” by art historian and author Dr. Thomas Piesbergen at the opening of the current exhibition “The city from below” is available to read here.

Dr. Piesbergen gave the opening address at Andreas Bromba’s current exhibition at the gallery Einstellungsraum in Hamburg on 16 June 2015. The photographic concept is one of Andreas Bromba’s oldest and most important and is presented here for the first time in an art historical context. But please read for yourself!
The exhibition is being held in the context of Einstellungsraum’s theme for this year, which is taken from a line by Matthias Claudius: “Where there is noise in the streets, there proceed on your way” (from a letter to his son Johannes). Andreas Bromba presents quiet works exploring the phenomenon of soundlessness in modern cityscapes through the medium of photography.

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