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Art book “Aufbruch – Kunst + Spiritualität” with photos by A. Bromba

12.08.19 – After two and a half years of creation and conception, the production phase of the art book “Aufbruch – Kunst + Spirituaität” has begun: In this high-quality book, three artists present their work, which deals with the nowadays rather rare and often smiled at combination of “Art and Spirituality” or “Art and the Spiritual”. In addition, scientific and art historical texts enter into a constructive dialogue – all in all a self-contained concept, initiated and published as a book by the Golden Rosicrucian, Bad Münder.

The photographer Andreas Bromba shows a selection of his longstanding and so far most successful photo series “Mysticism” – his own classics, but also new motifs.

The book is published by Athena-Verlag, Oberhausen and is available in bookshops. It is expected to appear in November 2019 and costs 24 €.

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