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A. Bromba’s Mystic motifs in the art book “Departure: Art + Spirituality””

10.01.20 – “Departure: Art + Spirituality”, a high-quality art book from the Athena publishing house, closes a gap: Five contemporary artists present works that reflect spiritual positions for the present day. Any form of esoteric kitsch or religiousness believing in authority is to be avoided

Andreas Bromba represents the photographic form of expression with his successful photographic concept “Mystical Series”. This ambitious book project was initiated by the International School of the Golden Rosicrucian, which offers space for philosophical and art historical content in addition to artistic positions, e.g. on alchemy after Khunrath and Rainer M. Rilke. With 24 € the book price is in a reasonable middle range.

Orders are possible via bookstore or via https://drp-rosenkreuz-verlag.de/shop/produkte/25273-aufbruch-kunst-und-spirtualität

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